RetroPie Setup Tutorial

Things to download

  • SD Formatter (click ‘Accept’ at the bottom to download)
  • Etcher
  • RetroPi ImageRaspberry Pi 2/3 for the Pi 3, or Raspberry Pi 0/1 for the Pi 0
  • Roms


Format the SD Card

  • Use SD Formatter to format the SD card. Select “Quick Format” and name the card (using “retropi” makes it easy to identify). On OSX you will most likely be prompted to enter your system password to proceed.

Extract the Image

  • Once you have downloaded your SD card image from RetroPi you need to extract it. You will extract the downloaded .gz file and the extracted file will be a .img file. On OSX you should be able to extra the image by double-clicking the compressed .giz image you dowloaded.

Burn the Image

  • Open Etcher, select the image file, and click “Flash!”

Update the WiFi config

Controller Setup

Transferring Roms